9 September 2014

To The Others

We can breathe meaninglessness
into anything. We don't even have to try.
We are children of the sun, all of you and I,
and if that is true then I'd
want to be caught
only in the night sky.
I want to be
far from a definition of myself
that includes your callous eye.

I want to be far from the
cracked beer bottles, far
from stubs in ashtrays.
I want to be far
from your whirlpool
of seductive smoke
strobe lights flashy cars angry mouths
spitting angry lyrics to angry beats
in an angry world.

it's fun to dance.
Sometimes, in the backseat
of a car zooming down a highway,
with the windows down
and the volume high, I'd smile at you
and your simply joys.
But what you stand for
every day, when all I see in my mind
are the children dying, and the
thousands of questions
that no-one will ever answer,
I can't stand you then.

There is war.
There is war, and that is why I must study,
do you understand? There are chickens
strapped to the back of trucks, and I must
fashion my ideals carefully every day
to see that I don't go wrong. There are rapists
and cynics and neo-liberalists and
there are those who are hopeless.
And I cannot unwind all this from around myself,
I cannot stop watching and thinking that there is
too much that is wrong with the world.
And I want to grow, and I want to learn
and be the absolute best person that I can
stretch myself to find in me.

I'm sorry. You and I,
we're from the very same boat.
It's just, I choose to dive deep into the sea
every day, and I get the feeling
that you don't.

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