19 April 2016

April 19: desire

"desire is the kind of thing that
eats you
leaves you starving."
(nayyirah waheed)

and here i am.
i am writing
for myself
an alternate
syntax of desire.

i am learning
a story that needs
no end. a love
that knows its
own end. a life
that demands
less, gives more.

i am finding
hollows in my
skin, that have
lived here for
years. i am
watering the
voids. feeding
them sun. living
with a sense of
fragility and loss.
yet living.
yet living.

i am writing for myself
a new kind of living.
a less sad sadness.

i am weaving
a certain lightness
into my bones.

i am singing
the happiest song
of despair
that ever was wrote.

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